My first trip to România - 1996

I first traveled to România in March of 1996. I left the US on my 19th birthday and arrived the next day in București. I met an acquaintance at the airport and from there we took a taxi to Gara de Nord and from there a train to Brasov.

I came with no expectation except to have the adventure of a lifetime. I vividly remember that taxi ride to the train station in București. The train ride back to Brașov on which I couldn't stop looking out the window feeling I was about to explode from the adrenaline. And the smell of the dirty and crazy like I had never seen in my life scene when I go to the Brașov train station. I knew from the very first second I got there, it was where I was supposed to be.

'09 & '10 Summer Trips

In the Summer of 2009 we moved to România for three months. I had been working full-time from home and since taking 2-3 week trips to România was so expensive and the time passed by so quickly, we decided to take a leap and go for three months.

It went so well that the follownig year we decided to do it again, but for six months. At the end of each trip, we found ourselves wishing we were staying even longer.

That led to "The Move" in 2011.

The Move - 2011

Upon our return to the US at the end of our six month trip in 2010, we immediately began planning to return in 2011. At first we talked about moving back for a year, but after we realized that would require buying two sets of tickets we started to consider moving back indefinitely.

So, that's what we did. We packed up as many of our belongings as we could into eight suitcases and four carry-on bags, oh and one dog in a crate, and we moved to România. Our return tickets' dates came and went and over six years later we are still living our dream of living and raising our kids in România.

Our trips to România over the years

We have always enjoyed our trips back to România over the years. Of course there is my first trip in 1996, but then we have have had many trips back since then.

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