Be brave! Leave your bubble!

I have always been fascinated with other coutries and cultures and I love learning other languages. At 13, my family moved to Germany for a year and it was one of the coolest years of my life. We traveled around Europe and I became fascinated with getting my passport stamped.

I had caught the travel bug.


Never forget that when your live or travel as an expat, you're always representing your native country. Don't embarass your fellow citizens by acting like an obnoxious fool when you travel abroad.

Show Respect

Never forget where you're from, but always respect the culture and customs of your host country. Don't expect others to adapt to you. Make an effort to learn some of the local language and be courageous!

Countries I've Visited

I've had an amazing opportunity to visit numerous countries around the world over the course of my life. I have been even more blessed have had the opportunity to live long term in both Germany, for a year when I was 13, and România, so far for a total of almost 8 years.

I lived in German right after the Berlin Wall fell and more recently I participated in the largest demonstrations in România since the fall of communism in 1989.

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